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Welcome to Egypt Features Sexy Cleopatra with a Backdrop of pyramids, camels and the Spinx. Reverse features the classic CMG Mint Miner/diamond logo.Get them while supplies lasts.


Note:This ones looks like some of the clear coating got on the back side.


  Comes in Hand Enamel silver.


Minted by Silvertowne exclusively for CMG Mint. This release will not come with certificates. Pictures show front and back of one art bar set that you will receive.


Serial number will vary , Comes sealed in Original plastic.



Release: 2022

Mintage: 60 Proof like, 60 Enamel. 45 Gold plated silver


Note: Picture shows front and reverse of one silver art bar

2022 Welcome to Egypt Cleopatra Enamel silver bar

  • One troy ounce 999 silver art bar.

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